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Death Taxi 3000 is a multiplatform retro racer inspired by the likes of Quarantine and Crazy Taxi.

Built to the specifications of late-era DOS games from the mid 1990s, it features pseudo-3D graphics done by a custom raycaster engine, displayed in a carefully crafted 256-color palette, plus a digital CD-audio soundtrack and sound effects achieved through realtime FM synthesis.


Made with modern languages and toolsets, but with classic hardware compatibility in mind, DT3K works as a native MS-DOS game as well as a modern 64-bit application for Windows and Linux.

Death Taxi 3000 also borrows from the Shareware model, which lets you enjoy a full gameplay experience for free in the form of a classic Arcade Mode, where you race against a time limit and complete tasks for time extensions.

However, by registering the full version of DT3K, players can access the Career Mode. Gone is the time limit, you can drive and carry passengers at your own pace - or at least until fuel runs out, when you can go back to the garage and spend your earnings on upgrades to the cab.

Boxed CD-ROM version.

Death Taxi 3000 is now available on Itch.io. It should soon come to other platforms as well as a limited edition physical release!