Death Taxi 3000

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"Amazing" -

"An ode to (90s) arcade games" - RetroManiac Magazine

"Sounds like Genesis and Windows 95 midis" - one reviewer

DEATH TAXI 3000 is an arcade racer that bridges the gap between the retro-inspired and the homebrew.

Built to the specifications of PC games from the mid 1990s, around its custom raycaster engine, DT3K works as a native MS-DOS game as well as a modern 64 bit application with 3D accelerated graphics.

Taking inspiration from classics such as Quarantine and Crazy Taxi, the game features graphics displayed in a carefully crafted 256 color VGA palette, digital CD-ROM audio soundtrack and realtime FM synthesized sound effects.


Free with Shareware release! Play against the clock picking up as many passengers as you can and challenge your high scores.

Earn money doing fares to repair and upgrade your cab in the garage. Choose between fast-paced racing action or a chill driving experience, exploring the procedurally generated city streets.

This special CD-ROM version of the game is recommended for those who wish to play on original MS-DOS or Windows 95/98 hardware.

It comes in a DVD case with high-quality inlay, including the custom printed CD-R and manual. Optional floppy disk also available!

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